Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: New built
Date: 19-Jul-2009
Comments: 5
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A little more than a year ago I built my Toyota Hilux High-Lift. Here's the process depicted in seven images. I made the truck to look like an early 80's MudBog racer. Further modification will be shown later, but this is how it all started.

I used 1990 Kyosho 2.2 hex drive wheels and 1985 Tamiya Toyota 4x4 Bruiser tires. The rest is all stock, and the chassis was not modified in any way (it would eventually be modified in the following months, though).

Transmission Axles (and the scale boar!) This is how it looked like the next morning Testors paint Checking details Rear view SWEET!

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Nice work, it looks alot nicer that the original Tamiya version

Road Burner


The wheel and tire combo is one of the best I've seen so far, truly sweet!

Road Burner


Yep, it's me again commenting on this awesome Hilux! Keep up the good work!

Froggy 71


that looks fantastic. Great job.



@Froggy 71: thanks for the positive comment! Unfortunately, I had to sell this Yota years ago.

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