Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: New built
Date: 19-Jul-2009
Comments: 7
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This is the first part of my own modification of the Toyota Hilux High-Lift. 1987 Autographics decals were added, and this is how you can fit the interior of the 1981 Toyota 4x4 model. You have to make a small cut in it in order to let the motor 'in'. Afterwards, it all would be covered with self-adhesive carpet. You'll see the beautiful results, and the installation of a vintage driver, and Kamtec clear windshield in PART 2.
*** This was my very own way to get rid of the sad look of the Surfer's truck proposed by Tamiya.

W/ decals and rollbar Rear end Installing a proper scale tube bumper Excellent! Use a dremel to do this A good start! Naked chassis

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PART 2: Making sumthin^ out of a sad surfer^s truck


Crash Cramer


Erich, looks great, I just found those same decals in orange and red, so I guess I know what I am going to do with them now.



Very nice Truck Like the decals and front bar.

tuff bug


that looks fantastic the color the finnish and the wheels. I want one!



Thanks for your comments. After the restoration of the Bruiser I got back this one to the first step in these pictures.



that lok very nice indeed



Wonderful work !



@backtomyroots.: Thanks for the positive comment, mate. Yeah, this one was such a beautiful machine. Sadly, I had to let it go so I could pay my 2nd Masters a while ago. But someday I know I'll lay my hands on another one so I could make these nice mods again

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