Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: NIB
Date: 23-Jul-2009
Comments: 5
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What a monumentous model! The first of the SRB' re-released so everyone can have one!! I bought two (so far) so I could have a NIB and a built one on the shelf. Thanks to Stellamodels for reserving me two from the first batch.

Brand new!! Now thats what I wanna see when I open a box!! A NIB Rough Rider just for meeeee!!! Fresh from Stella OOOOH exciting exciting EXCITING!!!!! The twins!




Congrats !! Now I REALLY want mine soon !!



Nice to have 2 i got myself one and built it already nice to run also just on the painting side now will look forward to seeing what you do



I'm waiting for mine from Stella too....were there any of the slight defects to the box that they mentioned might be present in the email they sent to us?



Very nice as i dont have no money for kits at the minute spending my money on bits and peices to get my triumph back on the road, i have bought just the decal sheet from this release .Hope to get one sometime soon .



ho boy............back 16 years old...............enjoi it..........

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