Model: (Click to see more) 58023: Holiday Buggy
Status: Project
Date: 24-Jul-2009
Comments: 4
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Short snapshot of the Holiday Buggy project I am working on.

I modified the transmission by using a 15 T steel pinion on the idler gear. Also used 2 3x6 ball bearings and a 3 mm axle for friction reduction.

The rear suspension was too hard for my taste. So I fitted 2 dampeners from a Race Touareg. On the suspension arms I used the mounting-U for the front springs from the Wild Willy.

Motor will be an old Le Mans 480 T and I will try to find a cover for the gears..

Next steps are to stiffen the chassis and to modify the front suspension. Will keep you updated

Normal driving level Max ground clearance- positive camber Lowest ground clearance- negative camber Sideview 15 T steel pinion




you've got serious camber going on there. Is this how you plan to keep it? I'd be interested to see what you do at the front. i've been working on a coil over set up for the front suspension on my HB (see my showroom) but your limited if you intend to keep the original body .. good luck with the mods

tuff bug


looks good so far, Super champ camber



Looking good - I remember waaaaay back I fitted the complete front suspension from an SRB - but they were cheaper then....



Short update on photos: camber is like on Super Champ (similar suspension geometry): positive on full extension and negative with compressions of springs. Will keep you updated once I drive it ( 6 months... ???)

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