Model: (Click to see more) 58082: Madcap
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Aug-2009
Comments: 3
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Originally a Saint Dragon, I bought this one without the body. I got a MadCap body that went missing in the mail, and then Chris Crash Cramer sent me this hot orange one.

I love the differential in this model. It runs excellent!

This is my Mad Cap runner ;)

Orange rear view Side view


Crash Cramer


Now you know why I sent that body to you. WOW THAT IS BRIGHT. It is a shame the first one I sent disappeared.



I can see your Madcap! Yes, it looks like mine Well spotted
Nice buggy..but hard to find gearbox parts Cheers



@the-way: Yes, if you happen to bust the gearbox it is hard to find replacements. I suspect that's because this one shares some parts with some of the high-end buggies of that era. I really liked these, they are fast and reliable runners.

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