Model: (Click to see more) 49418: TA05-R Chassis Kit
Status: Extra info
Date: 4-Aug-2009
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Last Friday I hit a new speed record - 77 km/h!

This started as a TA05-R. Excellent car, the plastic is reinforced compared to the regular kits. This was very important to me because I use a Novak GTB 4.5 system, which would may have disintegrated a regular TA05.

However, eyeing the TA05-IFS-R manual, I noticed Tamiya made a few improvements. So I slowly started to transform the car into the latter...

First I changed to IFS. Then I changed both the diff pulleys to 37T and the center pulleys to 18T. This required the longer white belts (342mm) as well.
The 18T center pulleys are much more durable - I replaced countless 16T pulleys which became bald under the strain of the motor as soon as the belts got a little loose. Oh, and I also use a front spool (aka direct coupling, or solid axle), which keeps the car going in a straight line when letting go of the throttle at full speed.

To reach this speed, I am using an 0.4 module 26T pinion with a 105T spur (final drive ratio is 1:8.3), GRP foam tires (30mm rears), and a mere YR 3200 20C lipo.

Original 16T center pulleys were just too weak

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