Model: (Click to see more) 58106: Stadium Blitzer
Status: Project
Date: 6-Aug-2009
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Well, this has been a loooong time coming!
I have been after a Stadium Blitzer for years, and finally accepted that if i want one, i gotta make my own!
I had a SB shell, that had been lying around and threw it on some buggy wheels, just for inspiration...... the rest is history.

The chassis i got in a job lot. Its actually a HBX (Tamiya clone) tl01b, but i swapped the chassis and gearbox internals for genuine Tamiya parts.
I kept the adjustable steel turnbuckles, and heavyduty drive shafts, and then ballraced it. I added 3' oil shocks, alloy pin type adaptors and also dremmeled the chassis to take larger capacity stick packs, 4600mah are a bit snug otherwise!
The wheels are off the Mighty Bull, wrapped with HPI Geolander tyres.
Radio gear, is the cheap HBX std stuff, but seems pretty good.

The bodyshell, was a challenge to say the least!

First,i removed all the old decals and, as the shell had been painted on the outside, gave it a good sand.I then had the job of reparing all the rear bed section, the rear mounting holes were split, so i used an off-cut of acrylic, inside and outside, glued into place and sanded.I lined up the shell on the new chassis, and the wheelbase was spot on, so marked my new holes with my Ansmann Alloy Body Markers, (great purchase!).
The fit was perfect, i then used small off-cuts of lexan over and under the old mount/aerial holes, super-glued into place and sanded smooth.
The whole body then got a sanding, and a base coat of PS-5 (yep, thats right, polycarb paint on the outside) follwing more sanding.
It was at this point, that i decided the windows were going to have to go, as black windows on a black shell would have looked stupid, so out they came.
Once all major sanding/repairs were done, the shell then had about 3-4 coats of PS-5 before the trim/detailing work was done.

I fitted spotlight covers (CC01) on the fronts, scewed from the inside and detailed them with PC-12. Window nets were next (from a bag of oranges!) and duct taped on the inside. I made my own rear panels, where the numbers are fitted out of spare lexan bits and used double sided pads to fit them. I then detailed the window frames, rear 'roll cage' and grille with PC-12 and picked out the grille vents with a black marker pen.
The stickers were all from the Stadium Raider, i had to get a bit creative but i think they fit really well, and a couple of 4x4 ones (Parma).
I finished things off with purple wheel nuts,aerial pipe and large body clips.


The end result, my very own 4WD Stadium Blitzer!

Hope you all enjoy the pics.

Cheers, KingPin

All done! old holes filled, new holes drilled! rear bed repaired. sanded, and ready for paint. inbetween coats, before the windows came out.

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