Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Aug-2009
Comments: 5
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taken a thunder tiger , nitro car , taken all the nitro engine gear eg. engine, gear box. Fitted it with electric what i think is a falcon rear gear box, modified rear suspension mounts, fitted hop up remote resivour rear shocks , fitted electric spead controller , and stock 540 motor , fitted radio gear , modified the ford ranger body to fit. and even tested it in the dark outside :) very pleased with what i have done considering its my first ever build from scratch out off scrap parts and also with no manual booklet. what do you guys think ? , let me know :)




Congrats mate - looks good. Have fun with it!

tuff bug


very clever and the result looks great you must have a real sence of achevement. Thats a great body on their personally id dye the bumper and wheel black



thanks , yeah i am gin to paint the bumper , and get a roll cage nut dont know which colour would look best



Nice job! Looks like it will be very tough n should take some abuse



Nice scratch build! That gearbox is from a Bear Hawk. Might be a little overgeared with those rear tyres. But with a Stadium Blitzer spur and pinion it should be just right.

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