Model: (Click to see more) 92203: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo
Status: NIB
Date: 12-Aug-2009
Comments: 8
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I've been wanting the DF-03 RA since it came out, but none of the Scooby shells really do it for me.

When Tamiya released this special edition version with a re-release of the Evo IV I had to get one. At the time only RC Champ had them, and at the equivalent of $134 it was very reasonable, plus there service is always very polite unlike some eBay vendors who shall remain nameless.

Having saved all that money on the kit, it'd be rude not to spend at least some of it on hop-ups:

53931 DF-03 Center One-Way Set

53941 DF-03 Alu. Turnbuckle Steering Rod

53792 Assembly Universal Shaft

53948 DF-03 Alu. One-Piece Propeller Cup Joint

3Racing DF-03 aluminium steering

It comes with full ball bearings and two ball diffs, so what's not to like.

Besides the Evo IV body there is a Dark Impact body to use as a chassis cover, sort of like on the TB-01s. I can't wait to build this one.

Teaser pic! After customs were through with it Tons of fun, and what's that lurking underneath Some choice hop-ups Inside the box Generic DF-03 RA manual with extras Manual for body

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Good looking kit, I wish i had waited with my 07 Subi version because I like this and the Celica better but I guess they sell just the shell too



Look forward to seeing this built. I have the DF03RA Celica which I am building at the moment.



Very nice kit



If this is like the DF-03 (Dark Impact) you are gunna have loadsa fun with this one! Looking forward to the built model!

Victorious Secret


WOW they re issue the bodyshell?! It is a must for me!!!



I saw that [Click here] has the bodies, and I'm sure RC Champ can supply them as well. I've started the build, it's very nice but first time I've had to use instant glue and a 2.5 mm drill bit per the manual. Also the manual is for the DF-03 and doesn't tally completely with the bags, but it goes together nicely nevertheless. Need to add the 5.5T brushless I have for it, assemble shocks and wheels and the minor detail of doing the body. I've bought an Evo 7 body for running, I can't make myself use the 4 for that.



I wonder why they provide a cockpit with the Celica but not this? Nice piece of kit though!



I'm not sure the cockpit would fit with the Dark Impact body = chassis cover in place. I've run into a small snag, the whole chassis is together now (difficult to fit a brushless btw), but the holes in the Evo 7 body are different to the Evo 4's. Thus begins the Tamiya body post shuffle yet again.

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