Model: (Click to see more) 46012: Clod Buster
Status: Extra info
Date: 19-Aug-2009
Comments: 5
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Just a few more detailed shots of how I converted my sons QD Clod.

1 Main Battery mount 1 Battery Un-mounted 1 TT-01 MSC, Acoms Reciever and servo 1 9.6v batteryfor LED's 1 Good old Acoms As12 servo for steering 1 Rear view 1 With the shell on Front LED's Rear LED's, all home made LED switch

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1 bad bug


That's one mean looking QD Clod. How is it in the speed department?

tuff bug


very clever idea



I'm currently in the middle of hotting up the motor! I've managed to fit a 400-size motor at the moment, but its not really torquey enought. So I've bought a 380 high-revving motor (26000rpm), and i'm going to fit that soon with a 10t pinion and see how it goes!



UPDATE! This is now running a modded Grasshopper rear gearbox with a 540 motor and an ESC, but had an issue with it getting too hot! Not tried it yet with the esc in place, only with the msc, and it flew!



I bet it did fly. With those mods

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