Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Aug-2009
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Well I finally got my hands on a genuine original Panda Stadium Truck, after a few years of searching. A big thanks must go to Manuel Spinnler who tracked me down through Tamiyaclub, and obviously had a look in my showroom and saw my long-lost love.
It still starts and runs, though the 30% Nitro I normally run in my Savage is probably a bit strong for the little .10 size Thunder Tiger motor installed.
The tyres have lots of tread, and it came with radio gear AND batteries installed.
Needs a tidy up, and will probably be a runner for fine days.

UPDATED!! Cleaned up and restored as best as possible, parts impossible to find of course!

Still runs a treat, though not on the original tyres of course, I have some old Madcap wheels and tyres which fit just fine, and I think the clutch needs some attention, but other than that it starts every time and gets along quite well for it's age.

In great original shape Solid little truck, ahh the memories. Little .10 size still runs well Restored as best as possible.

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My first nitro, oh dear!

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