Model: (Click to see more) 92203: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Monte-Carlo
Status: New built
Date: 20-Aug-2009
Comments: 9
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It took me about a week to finish this kit, working on and off. I had thought the decals would give me trouble but they were surprisingly easy.

It's equipped with:

53931 DF-03 Center One-Way Set

53941 DF-03 Alu. Turnbuckle Steering Rod

53792 Assembly Universal Shaft

53948 DF-03 Alu. One-Piece Propeller Cup Joint

3Racing DF-03 aluminium steering with ball bearings

Hobbywing 5.5T brushless motor and ESC.

It comes standard with full ball bearings and two ball diffs, so what's not to like.

Besides the Evo IV body there is a Dark Impact body to use as a chassis cover, sort of like on the TB-01s. Even with the DI body fitted I reckon there's room for a cockpit as well, shame that's only included with the Celica GT-4 version of this special release.

2 1 1 Dark Impact body as chassis cover

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That looks great! I'm so glad Tamiya is doing more rally releases again.. But no cockpit in the EVO?? That surprises me!

Victorious Secret


The more i see it the more i love it! Brother Steffen job well done! Congrats!!



that's a nice body! Like it much.



super looking Evo

pcw 064


Never liked this car till I saw this pictures,simply beautifull.Will go tomorrow to my local shop,I think he still have one.Nice pics.



Sweet, I am almost finished my Celica



Nice looking machine, love the body, I sure wish they had that cover when I bought my Subi



Cool, very nice looking car. you done a good job on the build! I bought the DI cover but im still worried about trying to fit a cockpit in my subaru with it.



The cockpit and cover can be used at the same time, tried it with my Celica 93 body on this chassis.

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