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Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Aug-2009
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I posted this many years ago but stumbled onto it again and updated a couple pics--some over the last 12 years. A random selection of some favorite pics..........Enjoy! scollins

-shouldn't have sold this gem 1 -love this shot -Roadurner visit at the Detroit shop -Stadium brat vs, regular,,,,both sold now -Seth, in a big sombrero, funny.......Period. -Plywood Porsche runner, now sold 1 -gotta build this someday! -miss this one, cool truck -a day running the Grahoo inspired, G.Hopper-RC10 -thanks guys


Victorious Secret


Ortega looks muy delicious!!



some eye candy here mate! Thank you too and looking forward. Good luck with moving your family and stuff (and Rc's ofcourse but you wouldn't forget them I suppose...)



Oh wow, I must have completely missed that Stadium Brat! Awesome build! The TLT Bear is one of my favourites, will build one for sure!



Like the Stadium Brat! Whats the deal with plywood Porsche runner?? did you make a plywood chassis? You have made some gorgeous models over the years.

Blacque Jacque


I look forward to seeing that F1 Hopper - such a cool idea. I know exactly how it feels to be without your shop, we've abandoned moving house for now, so maybe my machines can come out of storage (18 mo with no machines )

Crash Cramer


Steve, Thanks again for the laugh at Seth's expense. I LOVE that shot. I half expect you to do more of the same shenanigans when you have the move over and a little time.



That Formulahopper looks great! You should definatly build it



thanks fellas, as for the Seth Ortega, I want to make these as posters for the new workshop!



nice pics Steve! I would definitley buy an F1 Hopper, that works so well! I may have to grab a few of your interiors when you are back up to full production again. Hope the move goes smoothly for you....!

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