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Date: 23-Aug-2009
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Here are some photos I took on the second day of my weekend trip. I decided that it was about time to put Pajero's working clothes on, the lexan Landy body and the RC4WD Rock Creeper tires. These changes have a huge effect on the car's performance. Anyway, I think there is still room for further improvements, but on the other hand I think about building a more capable scale crawler and leave this one as it is. What I found being quite strange is the way hikers passing by were looking at me. People don't seem to understand a 38 year old child playing with his RC in the woods ;-) . Anyway, I can imagine that it would be even more fun to ride together with some fellow modellers so if you ever plan to visit Eifel region just drop me a line! Cheers, Norbert

Trying to capture the castle Steffi behind the steering wheel

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Great photos! Looks a fun crawler



Great pictures! Unfortunately the 'Allgäu' is a bit far from the 'Eifel'. Otherwise I would love to make some nice tours. Absolutely understand your comment regarding the starring hikers Same always happens to me when I go for a walk with my wife and daughter. Keep us updated about any plans for a scale crawler. Cheers

Liams Vintage Tamiyas


looks a brill place to crawl, i just got a crawler, axial ax10 scorpion, me and the kids have had a day of amazing fun, i should of got one years ago !!!! lol



Hi Norbert, great photos. Well a 38 yr old playing with RC toys is no more strange than just going for a walk in the woods - what is the point of that?



sharp rig and a nice spot to play!



Absolutely stunning. I love that Landy.

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