Model: (Click to see more) 58040: Lancia Rally
Status: Recent find
Date: 28-Apr-2003
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This is one of the other 4 cars I got in a package together with the wrecked SS. This one wasn't owned by the would be 'mechanical Frankenstein' that carried out the surgery to the SS and the other cars - hence why it's in comparatively good condition. The broken rear arm and missing axle are no big deal but restoring the shell is going to be a bit of a 'challenge'. The rear section of the shell has snapped right off and all the lights/external fittings are missing, I did find the driver in with a bag of stuff. There's lots of very thick paint all over the shell, I can see the orignal decals underneath it - groan.

The cars chassis is generally in good condition. The rear tyres are a bit worn and the front arms are 'baggy' in the metal uprights, as usual. This will be used as a runner until I've restored the shell.

I've now replaced the arm and run the car - I'd forgotten how slow 380 size motors are!

Detachable rear ends are fashionable this year Walks with a limp, talks with a lisp

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