Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Sep-2009
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Last February, I was looking for a Rough Rider. The bank account was a little low, so I decided to do something I am very reluctant to do and had never done before: trade one of my cars.
It wasn't an easy choice, but in the end, I opted for my new built Turbo Rocky which was the car I liked the less in my collection.
I was contacted by a nice guy from Singapore (Hello Ian!) and the deal was done for a used but ok RR chassis with 4 brand new Sand Blaster 915 and rims from the Voltec Fighter (or something like that). I remember packing the Turbo Rocky with a little sadness, since I had built this car from the box and spent quite some time painting the shell. But anyway, it flew to Singapore, and I received the RR chassis a few days after.
Then I hunted down a shell, and found a buy it now one in correct shape with the usual roof light mounts broken. It wasn't cheap, but that how it was in February (seems like a long time ago!).
And finally, I managed to find a NIB RR front wheel and tire set on my local vintage RC forum. Again, fair deal, but certainly not cheap.
Then came THE news: May 2009, Tamiya announces the re-release of the Rough Rider! What a blow.
Well, what's done is done but I've learnt my lesson: when it comes to vintage RC, don't ever be in a rush. Soon after this 'great' news, prices of SRB's fell down (or so it seems to me), and now you can buy a complete RR body set(ok, minus the decals) for 30 dollars!
I bought a Buggy Champ, a cool kit, and even if some people despise it, it's still very faithfull to the original.
But nevertheless, I am the proud owner of a 30 year old buggy that made RC history. The pictures below are very comforting to me, and though if I could turn back the time, I probably wouldn't be trading my Turbo Rocky again, still I'm happy to see this beautiful 99% original Rough Rider in my collection.
About the model, I did the lightest resto job possible, because the idea was really to show the buggy's 30 years of existence: disasembled and cleaned the parts, and very lightly polished the worst ones, especially the copper ones. I could have bought a shiny brand new black bumper for a few pesos, but instead, I prefered to install the old scratched and bent one I got for free with my Scorcher (see my showroom for the whole story).
I fixed the roof spot mounts, and didn't even bother repairing the tiny cracks on the nose and rear part. The only Buggy Champ parts are the 4 lights (strictly identical to the original ones). Of course, I couldn't help but get Radek's wheels.
I followed Carbonman's steps (and others too) and went for Pearl White and Light Blue Metal. I thought the blue would be lighter but it's still a beautiful shade.
I have spent a lot of time studying the box art, so that the white stripe on my car would be a perfect match, as well as the decals placement. I think I came to a pretty close match.
Yes, a box art, kind of, une fois n'est pas coutume!


pcw 064


How beautifull this thing is.Maybe a good financial reason for Tamiya to Re-realise the RR but nothing can beat the spirit and smell off a 30 years old 'genuine' Tamiya.Time for me to look at one for the winter.Cheers



Don't worry about the re-release, mate! -your 1979 Rough Rider looks much better!!

Road Burner


Great job on the RR!!



Superb Pics of a great looking Rough Rider



Really a beautiful painting and looking. Good pictures.



Looks very nice along with the wheels.

tuff bug


This doese look more interesting with signs of use. There could start a similar thing to Fender who makes exactly the same guitars as they did 50 years ago but the well worn early examples fetching 100s if not thousands more than the shiny new ones.



Well, think I'm getting over parting with the Turbo Rocky thanks to your nice comments, thank you all!



The re-release isn't a real Rough Rider. I would go for an original over a re-re any day. The end result is beautiful and somthing to be very proud of, the Financial pains will fade away. Congratulations on your new Rough Rider






Great pics and really nice job done, congratulations on a great looking piece of Tamiya history. The first pic is my new desktop wallpaper

Chain Driven


Really really lovely. Bon travail Jerome



Absolutely perfect! Looks great in this colours. I think my shade of blue is exactly the same.

Jez Thain


very nice tasteful restoration! hope mine turns out that well!

Frank Lux


Very very Nice Rough Rider!!! Excellent Work!!!



Just noticed you painted the inside of the tyre walls as well - neat touch.



Very nice i plan on put a rough rider together using a mix of new buggy champ bits and original parts that i have allready .I lost interest in my sand scorcher but have gained it in the rough rider superb looking model.



The BC-body is marked '1979-2009 Tamiya' on the inside so it´s not a perfect replica. Perhaps this info will ease the pain? Great looking original Rough Rider!



Very nice original RR!

Great job on the resto!

There's nothing that can beat the originals...I hear yah bro!



Great looking original, very nice paintjob and i really like those wheels. Are they from Rad,s Alloys!



I keep coming back to this - great photos.

rad22rad Alloys


Pure Class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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