Model: (Click to see more) 58431: F104 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: Other
Date: 15-Sep-2009
Comments: 4
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Being an F1 nut, I had to buy this kit! Everything is stock except for the Tamiya 32T Formula Tuned Motor (#54176.) I was originally going to paint it in the McLaren MP-4 21 test livery, hence, the orange paint, but McLaren decals seem to always be out of stock - so I got bored and applied the stock decals instead of waiting potentially for weeks for the McLaren decals. In the end it turned out alright!

*** SOLD 11/09




I think Tamiya really did a great job on this car (or should I say Tech Racing? - I heard they handed out the project to them to develop a good F1 car - like they did for the development of one of the TRF cars as well?) - Anyway, Comparing it with other new F1 releases - like the F10 from HPI - I think this chassis design is the nicest and the body looks best by far!



I was really impressed with the design - it's very close to an actual F1 car (well, at least prior to 2008/2009 regulations) but I can't wait to see the Ferrari F60 when it's released!



Beautifully done.



Great car that F1, and that body color looks fantastic

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