Model: (Click to see more) 58040: Lancia Rally
Status: Extra info
Date: 17-Sep-2009
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The Lancia Rally was my first model and the one I still love the most. When I got back into this hobby I decided I was going to get another so I bought a new re-re Brat, and found a new in box body set, sourced the extra bits body mounts etc and some choice hop-ups. Completed one of my best early paints jobs then it sat on a shelf too good to use, a monument to my original. Then look what happened when I left some thinners in a not too suitable container on the next self above over night. I came in the next day and could have cried. I was so angry with myself I put the car in a box and threw the whole lot in the attic. Out of sight out of mind. Proof if any of you need it that the shelf is more damaging than use for these old cars! There is has sat for six months till I got to the point where I needed my Lancia back. Still too annoyed to even look at the mess I had created I bought another one of the Bay, original and clean. I set to restoring the body and here is the new Lancia Rally. I went for a none box art look with the help of Williams FW07 decals. I am really pleased with the look. Im going to clean up the chassis and use this as a runner. It has even given me the heart to get the old (new) car down to work out where to start on its restoration. So I suppose every cloud has a sliver lining. Only problem is 2 Lancias is not enough, I feel the need for another one i already have my eye on an ebay auction!!! And dont you lot go bidding on it either, Lancias are my obsession, find your own! :-) ha ha




unfortunetly the thinners melted into the plastic there is a nice deep channel all the way down. It is actually worse than it looks in the pics doh! I do have some new unused original decals from the other kit I bought so I need to strip it and start again. I just noticed I got outbid on ebay on the other kit, who was it!, come on tell me! I know it was one of you guys!



that second one looks a great paint job.pity bout the box art near finishing a refurb myself,but will not be selling just the way i am the one who got yer F40.



Great car!

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