Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Project
Date: 3-Oct-2009
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This is a work in progress with all the parts thus far found on Ebay...I need a little help identifing the X-wide wheels so hopefully I can find matching fronts...also is the dual front shock set-up home made or a kit, and lastly any ideas who made the pull hitch and is there an attachment ball for it?? I am still looking for a nice sled so I can display it altogether!

BLackfoot rear view alloy pull hitch Dual front shock kit? Shock/dampers...Who makes these?? Single piece alloy 'dually' rims/wheels




The rear shocks look like Kyosho Platinum shocks. These were the ones with adjustable dampening. On the front you have some Nichimo shocks (the ones with silver alloy body).



Kyosho dampers at rear end

Crash Cramer


Those alu rims could be a SEES product, will have to get a look into my vintage ads.



Oh, wow. How did I miss this one?

The double wheels are made by IMEX. Don't know what company made the pull hitch, but I remember the pulling sled's chain go attached there by a hook. Anyway, the whole set up looks VERY powerful.
Are you planning to use this Black Foot as a pulling truck? Oh, by the way, I have a pair of IMEX puller tires for trade.



Thanks for the comments...No, I am not planning on using this as a pulling truck but I did find a really nice 'Draggin Wagon' that I will display together with it! Do you know if there are front Imex wheels to match the rears?? Thanks again.



A draggin' wagon? If it's the one I think it is I believe you got three of four hundred dollars there along with this BlackFoot truck. I can see it's got the legendary (and expensive) Thorp differential/axle combination.

Yes, there are front tires for pullers made by IMEX. If my memory doesn't fail me they are called 'Rib Dawg', but by now I only have a pair of rears. I was planning to use the rears combined with Sand Scorcher's 'Smoothie' front tires to make a Tractor puller, but never got to start the project.
Please upload pictures of the pulling sled whenever you can!



Okay, here's a picture of the real thing: [Click here]

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