Model: (Click to see more) 58441: Buggy Champ 2009
Status: New built
Date: 4-Oct-2009
Comments: 14
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even 2 years ago, who would have dreamed of opening a SRB box and just build it ?
thanks Mr tamiya for this re-re.
as many folks around, I won't wait to see if they are going to re-re the sand scorcher or not. if they do, I'll be the first to order 10 of them, but right now I wanted to build a runner !
as i'm not a huge fan of the buggy champ body, I ordered a blitzer shell from a guy on ebay that sells painted shells ...
what a crappy paintjob I received ! so I just picked an old MB shell I had, sanded it down and decided to work on it a bit more than the usual 15 minutes I spend on spraying a body. a week later my lungs are still burning and I know for sure I'm not a painter and I suck at filling holes but the result is not that bad.
I will be travelling to the western french coast in 2 weeks so many pictures to come as I will run this baby on the beach !
the license plates are from rogue elements, PIPOU is my 4months old son's nickname and 22 5 09 his date of birth.
many thanks to all those of you who made custom SS bodies, I would never had dared doing this if I hadn't seen the results you came to.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
I said it would be a runner and a runner it is !




You really need to give yourself more credit for this. This looks amazing and I really like the color scheme you picked. These pictures are awesome too!



freyahel, you are a painter. It looks good For me masking tape and multi coloured paint brings me into a cold sweat - think I'm too paranoid about the paint bleeding, LOL. I need to be braver. Enjoy



Brilliant! I love the colours and the body mods...

Leethal Driver


That is some runner! Nice job, great pics too. Pity Pipou's not old enough to appreciate he's got his own 'champ here on TC!!



You really don't suck at painting. Lovely job and beautiful example!



Absolutely AWSOME looking bug, a real inspiration!



stunning model & pics, well done



amazing job! Very nice paintjob and overall look, beauty!



Great looking build. Very nice paint and fender work. This is one that should be added to the SRB Group SIG for sure

Crash Cramer


That is far better than I think I could get done. I also think it is kinda funny that you chose OHIO for the plate as there really isn't much beach there in that state, or much call for a dune buggy VW either.



actually, that's exactly my situation.I'll have to drive for 5 or 6 hours to drive this beauty on the beach !



I lost this, excellent!!!!



beautiful sand champ, or super scorcher. the both sound good. Great job!

tuff bug


Wow this thing looks incredible!!! where have I been. You have cut the fenders just right, is the driver having a tea break?

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