Model: (Click to see more) 99964: SG
Status: New built
Date: 4-Oct-2009
Comments: 1
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This is a very rare onroad car from SG, a Coumbia MK IV from 1985. The car has a drive shaft and not a belt for the 4wd. The rear has a differential and the front one way bearings. This car was produced only two years in to version, the MK IV 1985 and the MK IV Cutom 1986. This car is build complete with new parts. As engine i will take a period OPS with correct muffler. The engine is not cleaned sorry no time. If you interested in this cars look on the other pics of my Columbia MK IV Custom from 1986 and the Mantua Turbo 4x4 from 1986 which is similar from the drive train.

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Hi Frank,
The car looks immaculate - a great addition to any collection .

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