Model: (Click to see more) 99964: SG
Status: New built
Date: 4-Oct-2009
Comments: 1
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This is the second of my new build Columbia MK IV. This time i show the version from 1986 called MK IV Custom. This car has several modifications against the first version from 1985. The rear has two shocks, adjustable camber and so on. The front has a diffrent drive train with adjustable slipper and alsoi adjustable camber. A option part was also a 2-speed gear, which is a great wish from me. The car is build on a dark grey chassis and a dark grey rc plate. I do not know if this is standard or selfmade. But i think it looks great between the silver version. Unfourtanley some parts of the drive train are still missing, i hope to get them one day. So if you have SG MK IV parts let me know. I have some parts left so if you like i can trade. As engine i have a mondial with black head, i think this will look great in this dark car. Now i get the next option part for this car, the 2-speed gear, i will build it in, the next days.

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Very cool car!

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