Model: (Click to see more) 58218: Toyota Corolla WRC
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Oct-2009
Comments: 4
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A stock runner I aquired from some fellow TC club member. It came with new built chassis and a not so perfect shell so I decided to rebuild the chassis to use it for my shelfer Peugeot 206 and use the old 206 chassis to run the corolla body. It has ball bearings now, a steel pinion, a slighly hotter engine :-) and some cool rally wheels. It handles very well and is great fun to drive.

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These short wheel base 03's are rather impressive little cars, ive got a locker in the rear of mine and goes very well in the dirt, found a quick drive shell i run on it rather than the kit one.

Chicago Bob


Wow! Beautiful job on the body, and nice wheels.

pcw 064


Can't what to build mine when I see this pictures.Well done

Crash Cramer


Wow, so this is Tamiya's version. I just found an HPI shell in my garage that is labeled Corolla WRC, but the wing looks like it would be rather bulky looking compared to this. Where did the wheels come from??

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