Model: (Click to see more) 58384: Subaru Brat
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Date: 23-Oct-2009
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Hi all,
After having an afternoon at my local skate park spoilt by my front stub axle keep falling out of my Re-Release Brat I hatched a plan on the drive home.
I could fit SRB uprights but I'm running out of those! So I gave the stub axle a little wipe with a file and quite surprisingly it wasn't hardened - fab! Straight into the lathe with it and drilled a 2.5mm hole into the centre of the back, then tapped to M3.
I then used a 5mm drill bit and spun this by hand in the recess the stub axle fits into - this gave me the centre to drill a 3mm hole. There is a hole running top to bottom of the upright where the king pin screws run. I only drilled into this hole and not all the way through at this point, then I refitted the stub axle back into the upright and popped it back into the lathe - holding it by the axle.The back of the upright is rounded - holding it like this meant I could find the centre to continue the hole all the way through :-) while it was still mounted like this I countersunk the hole to suit the screw I was using. I did have to shorten the 2 king pin screws to clear the new screw I'd fitted but only by a thread or so.
It was then all assembled with lots of loctite and I went back to the skate park - where the other front wheel fell off.....

Bother! Im sure my old Brat didnt do this! 2.5mm hole Tap to M3 Marking the centre All the way through Can you guess where I'm heading with this? lol 1 A little tidy with a file 2 Screwhead clears everything :-) Back to the skatepark! Poo...

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Blacque Jacque


Nice work fella, although the last pair of these I repaired DID have hardened stub axles, so drilling it wasn't an option, a drop of 638 Loctite solved it though.



and now I've done the other one - please excuse the state of the lathe - I'e just used it for truing a load of tyres and not hoovered it yet lol



TC member Eddystone could do with reading this - it's a standing joke at Hinckley RCCC as he rarely finished a meeting with all four wheels on his Brat. Nice solution - the spline interference fit is a naff idea - shame on Tamiya!



Wow that's great work
Nearly fell off my chair laughing at the last pic.
Back to the lathe.



Great idea!

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