Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Project
Date: 10-Nov-2009
Comments: 2
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Yup..... you're not dreaming, and I'm not reposting.... I picked up ANOTHER Nitro 10 off eBay!!!!! Just what I needed......
This one was a huge bargain for the price (including shipping), so it's no bad thing. Has been run as a Nascar and a truck, with wheels for both - sadly, sedan tyres are perished, and have already been turfed. Bodies are not in great shape either, but I may be able to get some use from the truck.....
Condition of the chassis is quite good, apart from the few missing parts - most of which I should have spare anyway. Extra was the two Futaba TXs (one in good condition, the other for spares), some servos, and a pile of other bits ond bobs.
This has already been torn down to it's components, and now resides in a number of plastic bags..... to be brought out at the big Nitro 10 Jamboree, when all the Schuey nitros will get categorised, prioritised, and started on. Just got to clear out all thsi Tamiya junk to make some room first!!!!!

What I saw when I opened up the box.... All that was included.... not bad for under AUS$60 Chassis..... very neat. Little tarnished.... nothing we can't fix. Not much use underneath at all... Spare TXs, wheels, servos, etc. Bodies not too bad from this angle.... ... but banged up from this one... Dirty too! Doesn't really look right, does it.....




The film ,Days of Thunder ,come to mind LOL



Great find mate Can imagine the feeling when you buy a big lot like this-all thrown in a box- and you unpack for the first time-great feeling,isn't it?

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