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Status: New built
Date: 19-Nov-2009
Comments: 5
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I was waiting for this as I thought it was a nice idea,and it would be fun to run in the off season. It now has me looking for Micro gear and should be up and running before next weekend. Runs on Lipo or LF. Should be interesting to see how it does on our circuit.

Its sitting on a normal size piece of paper Straight axle with gear reduction option One piece chassis with no suspension Next to a F103 Needs Micro servo,this is a mini servo Cross pictures

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That is soooo cool!



That is a great looking cart, will be interesting to see how they run. Im definately interested in one too now, thanks



Interesting concept and damn its small.. ive been looking at the 1:5 kyosho go kart as it runs tamiya f103 tires and would make a easy electric conversion.



That is realy nice ,Who's it made buy ?? Or did you make it yourself .

D-Drive Sports


The Kit is made by Cross here in Japan.

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