Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 20-Nov-2009
Comments: 1
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This is the first 1:10 Touring car Serpent made in 2000, a Impulse Streetspec. The car is build from a kit mit number 801001, the kit was inclused the Novamega SX-12 and pipe. The car is 4wd, belt drive and has two diffs. Someparts are the same as from a Serpent Impact. This car is new build and was a demo model from serpent holland. Because they closed in 2008, some of there models where sold. I get this car from a dealer in netherlands and i am very happy to get the first version in new. In 2000 where the impulse was present i drive races with one of them. What i need to finish the car is a original serpent impluse body. In 2000 they made several bodies for the car. update, i get the Mitsubishi EVO body from serpent for my car, but in the moment it is to sold to paint. I will update when the car is complete ready.

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I like the serpent impulse. Can't believed its been 10 years. IMHO, the holy grail of 1/10 nitro touring car after superten era.

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