Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 30-Nov-2009
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This just arrived today, and shows the benefit of buying in bulk! The parts included are:

* SI-1 Plastic Parts - Front 2wd hubs, small plastic parts, and a big plastic rectangle I can't ID

* SI-2 Plastic Parts - Front body mount parts

* SI-3 Rear axle - these are the WIDE rear axles.....

* SI-4 screw set - small and large self-tappers, machine screws and nuts, grub screws, e-clips and washers - about 100 pieces

* SI-6 Accessory Parts - Sierra Cosworth REAR WING!!!!!! Both upper and lower parts.... and mirrors and wipers....
These will be perfect to refresh my RS500, as it could use an update of many of the plastics. I have multiples of these parts, so if anyone is looking to complete their Sierra, or just looking for the parts, get in touch.

SI-1 Plastic Parts A (Sierra) SI-2 Plastic Parts B (Sierra) SI-3 Rear Wheel Shaft (Long) SI-4 Screw Set (Sierra) SI-6 Accessory Parts (Sierra)




Hi Alex. The plastic rectangle is the chassis spacer that fits between the main chassis and gearbox - it's necessary to extend the the Raider chassis to fit the wheelbase of the Super Ten bodies (the small piece with the two holes extends the upper chassis brace). Good catch on the body accessory set and the wide axles - have you got the nylon spacers that fit between the hexes and bearings for them? It might be the 2 round parts next to the chassis spacer.



Matey, that's good info.... thanks a heap! I'll check my RS500 on the weekend, and see if the nylon spacers are indeed as you say..... if so, I know what I'll be doing with all my Raider chassis'!!!!

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