Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Other
Date: 30-Nov-2009
Comments: 3
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Each year thousands of Tamiya Radio Control cars are given away as Christmas presents only to be thrown away with the leftover Turkey or shoved in the loft as early as Boxing Day.

I wanted to highlight this plight with my picture below, entitled “Not Just for Christmas”. I found this poor baby Hot Shot living in a cardboard box outside my apartment in Manchester City Centre. The poor little thing was half starved. As I couldn’t see it out on the streets on its own I have invited it into my home and hope with a bit of care that it needs it will grow into a healthy full size Hot Shot. It said to me as I brought him out of the cold that the thing it wants most for Christmas is an NIB Buggy Champ from, so for the little fella, vote for this picture ;-).

I have included a note below from The Foundation for Abandoned and Rejected Tamiya Radio Control Cars;

Tamiya Radio Control cars can take up a lot of time, just like a child. Your car will need practice, patience, cleaning, batteries charging, sometimes fixing, as well as playing with (unless you are keeping it a shelf queen). Do you have the time to browse EBay every day to try and win that one small or rare part you need for the cheapest price?

Of course Model Shops are applying hard sell tactics in the run up to Christmas. They prey on people who are unsure if they should buy a Tamiya Radio Control car or not. The salesmen may say 'This re-release Lunchbox is a gem', of course they are right, but will your child or child like husband or boyfriend really treat it with the care and respect it needs?

Christmas day will no doubt be a wonderful day with your new Tamiya Radio Control Car and your happy child or child like partner. Any little crashes or mishaps will be regarded as little accidents and mischievous behaviour and all of the poor bad driving and lack of control will be heart warming and laughed off.

2 days down the line that little Tamiya will be scuffed and have paint chipping off. Bumpers will be missing and suspension struts will be snapped like autumn twigs. The car will then be stuffed in the loft or garage and be forgotten about.

Remember a Tamiya Radio Control Car is not just for Christmas, treated well it becomes your friend and your excuse to act like a child in your 30’s and join Tamiyaclub.

There are people out in the world to help those stricken Tamiya Cars, commonly known as “RC Enthusiasts”. Don’t throw broken cars away and If you have a radio control car damaged and packed up in a box in the loft, covered in old curtains you just can’t bear to throw away, dig it out and use the following two tips;

• Pop it on EBay at a 99p starting price. Do not be surprised to have 50 watchers and no bids as the RC Enthusiast likes to apply cunning techniques and will only bid in the last 15 seconds of the auction ending.

• Ask your friends “Do you know an RC Enthusiast?”, there are plenty out there to come to the aid of that poor abandoned Car. RC Enthusiasts can look like normal people so they are hard to spot, however if you are ever in the countryside or forest and hear the whizz of an electric motor you will know you have found one although usually a pack, in their natural habitat.




Aaah! - You're almost making me cry!



it's funny!

Crash Cramer


The Micro Starbucks cup was a nice touch. Love the story and plight of the RC Enthusiast.

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