Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 2-Dec-2009
Comments: 5
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This is Kyosho Prestige 4WD, very rare models from the late 80's, this buggy was released in 1989 by Kyosho and designed by Hobao, it uses the Pirate (RS) chassis.

Kyosho released another models using the same chassis, the Porsche 959 (version 1) it in my showroom.

see Kyosho promotional video here:

This Porsche shares the Prestige chassis Here is what Car Action Said About it in 1990

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Nice find-But what a lousy box-art...shame Kyosho shamegood thingt never gets faded (as it already is)LOL

Hong Kong


Very Rare ! Nice find.......



The box art might not be that good but what a car! Just saw the video and what a fantastic car. Drives beautfuly and looks as good as my all time nitro fav the Turbo Burns I see the body has been painted? Is this completly built or jus the body painted? Lovely car Pal



Hi David, It is completely built, comes partially built from the factory. The Body included with this buggy is not matching the box, I have to find the Pirate RS body to match the box.



Great looking NIB's very nice indeed

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