Model: (Click to see more) 58280: TXT-1
Status: Project
Date: 2-Dec-2009
Comments: 5
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Found this on ebay, its an Eyecandy Racing products chassis TXT-1. Its not complete, the ally axle guards are missing & came with no wheels/tyres & it has horrid cheap gold shocks fitted(these will be changed very quickly!) I have a copy of Radio Race Car International mag from June 2005 when it was tested with a Novak HV Maxx brushless system fitted. I believe this is the pre-production version of the chassis? Does anyone else have one? I will hopefully get it up & running soon. I will add more pics later. All comments welcome.
Cheers. Mike

The gold shocks have got to go! Nice carbon fibre servo mount.




Nice to see another tc member got it (very cheap ) I got held up and when I got in noticed it had gone My loss your gain Knew I should have bid from my phone....



I was surprised i won it, especially for the price i payed. I've got a few bits & bobs to find for it. I do really want some decent ally highlift knuckles/wheel axles so i can run normal 2.2 truck wheels on it.

The Hobbymaster


Hi Nitro Mike, Just wanted to say it was mine I made it a few years ago and wanted to sell the chassis kits.....But things just didn't happen you now own have the only chassis made.
have a look in my showroom for more info etc and also feel free to email me if you want ... its nice to see her again.
A lot of love went into the chassis. Cheers Ian PS its a JUG 2



Hi Ian, i have commented on it in your showroom. I can't believe i have the only one! Got any spares knocking about;0)
Cheers. Mike



That HPI Hummer shell looks great! Some more detailed shots of the chassis?

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