Model: (Click to see more) 49394: TRF415MSX Marc Rheinhard Limited Edition
Status: Extra info
Date: 13-Dec-2009
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I'd upload some photos from the Ansmann Grand Prix held at the WLRC track. This was the last time I ran the MSX MRE so was very happy to come away with a 3rd place.

I'll be back next year with the MSXX hoping to do a little better. (BTW the first pic wasn't taken by me - it was found on Google - if anyone knows who took it I would really like to know). I am not taking credit for the first 3 pictures as they came from WLRC's website (I've also found it very difficult to drive and photograph my car at the same time). If there are any problems I will gladly remove the offending pictures.

Current Racing shell Ansmann GP 2009 Ansmann GP 2009 - top 3 qualifiers Ansmann GP 2009 New racing shell for my club's winter series Trophy for 3rd in 17.5 class

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My first new 415!!!




well done on 3rd place.any trophy is good,at least you have something to aim at next year.

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