Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 18-Dec-2009
Comments: 4
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CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY WHERE HOW MANY YELLOW CAGES WERE RELEASED BY KYOSHO. i have this one and sitting here wondering how rare this is. i got it nib amongst a bunch of spares and shipped it in from mexico so assume it was released in the usa. if anyone knows any history or how kyoshoo came to release this one and the green one and how many, i would appreciate a message. cheeers guys..

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Dont know the answer to that. But I think you do have a nice javelin.



the yellow and green were only to be sold in Japan initially, but I know that some US stores had them in stock, dunno why.



Nice Javelin you've got there. Excuse my ignorance but what wing is that?



wing is from a lazer,,cannot remember which model though...

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