Model: (Click to see more) 49490: Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Dec-2009
Comments: 8
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This arrived in the mail today, Christmas eve. Thanks to Stuart (Swarm), His wife and my wife who tried hard to sneak it in without me knowing. I don't get to open it until tomorrow, but I'm sure I know what it is already.

Big thanks and merry X-mas to you and yours :)

Edit 25, Dec: (Pic #2, #3, #4 and #5) Well it was what I thought it was. And it's built already. No paint yet though. I can't get anywhere near paints while I'm still sick so some colour will have to wait.

It went together easily and is a great model to build. Can't wait to give it a try out drive. Mods sofar are limited to a full set of rubber sheilded bearings and a 16T Robinson Racing steel pinion.

Edit 26, Dec: (Pic #6 and #7) I've given it a 5mm suspension lift by fitting long eyes to the bottom of the dampers, removed the limiting black o-ring and stretching the springs to a length to match the new damper setting. On the front I have modified the C-hub quite a bit to allow the suspension more travel and more steering.

Fitted it up with the wheels for the F-150 TA02. 2 Piece 30mm wide painted in gold COB. These rims fill the tyres out much better than the kit 26mm wide ones.

So now it's taller with bigger feet and much more ground clearance and suspension travel. Looks much better IMO.

It runs great, and very capable over any terrain I've tried it on. I want more CC01 chassis'd 4WDs now!

Edit 27, Dec: (Pic #8 ) I got it very dirty... and enjoyed every second of it!

Comments always welcome.

Pretty paper and all. What was in the wrapping paper. 10 hours later... Almost the same as my 1:1 Pajero. 5mm suspension lift and wider wheels. Nice stance now and more the height of the 1:1. Dirty! C-Hub and Lower Arm mods.


Capt Splatt


I'm sharing your pain mate. I'm dying to get into my pressy already. On the bright side, Santa gets to us around 10 hours before pommy TCer's



Merry Christmas Mark and all the best to your family

pcw 064


I guess a NIB Blazing Blazer...Happy Christmas



Now there's a kit I have no interest in pcw064. I'm a Ford fan, not Chevrolet.



Hey! I have that same paper on some packages under my tree! Maybe it's for Tamiya's only?! Happy Holidays!



Merry Christmas, getting packages never seems to lose its magic when we know or hope there are 'toys' inside, keeps us all young I guess



Looks like a nice surprise, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours too.



Very nice Mark.
It didnt take long for you to get it built it looks great a very robust kit cant wait to see what colour you paint it

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