Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: New built
Date: 29-Dec-2009
Comments: 5
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Found this F350 on Ebay. The chassis was assembled but the body was untouched. The chap I bought it from had spent a fortune on upgrades including; Junfac Light Weight Chassis kit with suspension & body lift. Liquidrc blue anodised alloy chassis braces, gearbox ends, spring mounts, rear body mounts, antenna mount & plain alloy servo mounts. Junfac 2.2 Mudrock Beadlock smoke rims with Proline Moab tyres.
I'm thinking about buying the 4 Link system to improve the suspension and mount the servo in between the front wheels. Looking for advice on choice of Transmitter. The truck came with an Acoms Techniplus 4. Is this suitable fitted with a H plate or do I need some kind of switching to change between gears? The truck is fitted with a TEU-101BK speed controller. Is this up to the job, as I would like to get the truck running really slow 8-)

Classey chassis




Awesome truck Hamster. I just got one to build myself. What do you think of bright Orange. Search and rescue style!



Cheers Baggey. Yes Orange was another colour I had in mind 8-)



Awesome upgraded F-350! It won't take much to finish this off. Nice find.



Nice truck! I really like these 'new' 3-speeder's. Almost a must-have these days
I would go for someting different like metallic cancy-green and black. Maybee with some white pinstriping.



i agree with henrikw ... except not the green/black... candy blue over candy apple red... hint... halford rattle can 'rover nightfire red' and 'alfa zero blue' gorgeous colours and a great combo

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