Model: (Click to see more) 58086: Toyota Hilux
Status: New built
Date: 1-Jan-2010
Comments: 9
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Brilliant looking model in the flesh....the colours seem to all come together when its in front of you in a way that can't be duplicated by a photo. I love this shell, especially the radiators, they look awesome. Very fragile, though. I reckon it wouldn't take much to wreck one of these shells. Anyway, an awesome build, an absolute pain in the bot-bot to paint, and 12 hours worth of stickering, and I still stuffed them up!! Oh well....its done now. Shelfer forever after. See the build thread at if you want to see a step by step buildup of this car.




Thats a very sharp looking truck. I've been using one of these Ivan Stewart shells for my pre-runner for 15 years because I liked it better than the actual pre-runner shell and it has not failed or cracked yet...but then again I'm not really a rough driver either

pcw 064


Absolutely stunning car.One of my favorites.It's very big and colours are delicious.Strange,this car looks common on picture and is the most beautifull in real.Defenetively one to have in any collection.Beautifull.



Wow! That's awesome! It must have taken you ages to coment every step of the building of this very nice kit.
I totaly agree with you that this model looks much nicer in real than on photos. Two weeks ago I finished my Hi-Lux body and it's a real pain to sticker it. Well done, yours is a briliant one...



Looks great, I'd love to get one of these to sit beside my King Cab. Is it me or are these & King Cabs becoming alot less common on ebay etc. Re Re from Tamiya would be very welcome!



These are really great and funny cars to drive, and actually, the shell is not so fragile after all i think.. Mine has taken a lot of crashes and tumbles, and still pretty intact. Right now, we have snow here in Denmark, and the rear spiked tyres perform quite well in snow.


Crash Cramer


Well, I see you haven't started building the TerraConq since you are posting something else I really need to build this year. I also need to finish my King Cab shelfer as well. @Rosey, the dark side is powerful, be very careful not to shift over to it.



Very nice, looks like you did a great job. The build thread is great too, really nice you took the time to share the build with everyone, have a great new year.



Good stuff and thanks again to Tamiya for those box art colours and decals!! haha



Superb example of this Tamiya racer - into my fav's

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