Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 13-Jan-2010
Comments: 3
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I bought this kit last year with a view to racing in 2009. I built it with some 3racing parts which included the alloy damper set and alloy ballraced steering arms and turnbuckles. I installed a Savox SC0252MG steering servo, Muchmore racing Sweep wheels and tyres and 3racing upgraded spur gear. I will race this in the TT01 race series, my first race is this Sunday!




all e best for e race.



Looking good. I always get sweaty palms waiting to race, with the car on the grid



Good luck for sunday's race. The only thing i will say is if you havn't got them allready get some ally wheel hexes, as i guarantee the plastic ones will break.

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