Model: (Click to see more) 58168: Alpine A110
Status: New built
Date: 23-Jan-2010
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Well, here are the final results on my attempt at turning the M04 into a short wheelbase, rear engined chassis able wear the Alpine and any 210mm bodies.

After a long time of testing for the correct(to my driving) settings here are the results.

For the motor I used the Tamiya Acto Tuned M-Special 53251. The choice was easy as it is a nice and powerful motor (a bit better than a sport tuned) but about 2 thirds of the length and weight. That's a great advantage to avoid too much weight behind the rear wheels. The famous advantage of rear engined cars is that the rear end grip and traction is fantastic, the downside is the understeer it creates due to the lack of weight at the front. BTW, a TC members was selling one of those motors not so long ago.

The suspension setting is this: get Tamiya's 53333 Touring Car Tuned Spring Set (short type) and use the stiffer blue at the back and softer Orange at the front. CVA's have 1 hole at the back and 3 holes at the front and the oil is the Tamiya #900 (clear) the CVA's are the super mini ones not just the shorts

I added the 53390 Hollow Carbon shafts in the gearbox as I had them. That's another few grams off the back.

And a 53070 Ball diff

So first test in that configuration tells me that the rear grip is outstanding, even on wet tarmac no way would the rear end let go, and that's better than what a stock M04 does. The downside, a lot of understeer...

So back to the drawing board, a lot of google-ing and here come one answer, rear antiroll bar. As you can see on the pictures it's made of recycled Kyosho and Tamiya bits but it works a treat as when you lift one wheel(without the dampers attached) it lifts the other side about 90% up. Dampers back and another test run...

Great, less understeer but still not perfect, and then I realised that I had S-grip tyres at the back and standard ones at the front. Quick change, and off it goes with now the same 4 tyres (with foam). And it works great. I really like the way it goes around corners, well planted at the back and ready to accelerate very early in the bend, very stable when you brake. Still a bit of understeer on the track we use....I'll have to find a way

I'm going to enjoy that car, I might get a Porsche GT2 body from ABC just for the fun, they have such a great range of 210mm bodysets.

The first part of this project can be accessed via the link further down =>

And if anybody needs the template for the aluminium plates just drop me an email.

Comments welcome !

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Eradicating the understeer - step 3




THis is great! I'm planning on modifying an M04 to fit the alpine body as well so I don't have to crack open my NIB M02 kit. Or I'll modify my Cup Racer chassis to 210mm... Nice job!



Thanks for your tips! That's what makes TC so nice. I think you got yourself a great racer, if I buy another M-04 I will copy your idea.

Chain Driven


Thanks Guys !

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