Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Feb-2010
Comments: 6
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I needed to see what the SRB fuss was about so bought this from ebay. It was missing a few bits which were nicely donated by Stuart (Swarm), thanks mate. I fell in love with the all alloy construction immediately.

Photos show the assembled buggy after purchase to see how it ran, which was terrible until I built and fitted the bevel gear diff.

Since these photos I've fitted a 4600Kv brushless, IP4000 Li-Po stick pack, DF03 slipper clutch and more alloy bar work. More photos to come when I repaint the body and fit some custom decals.

Thanks for looking. Comments always welcome.

Suitable runner to see how it ran. Left those black marks with a silvercan and 101BK! Box in aged condition. It was pretty bent... ...and broken!

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
How to make a SRB Bevel Gear Diff




Theese cars will grow on you. Brushless? Sweet! never heard of a slipper clutch on one of these. but a diff might be in order, if you run it.



Very nice Mark, DF03 slipper clutch ?? Do you have any pics , so we all can see how it's in there ? .very nice work .



Look in my showroom. There are entries for the diff and slipper clutch. I've had this model for some time. Only just realised it wasn't in my showroom.



Hope to see a video of this old skool rocket ship going around your race track sometime soon! Are you leaving the rear suspension as per the original?



The rear suspension was torn out of the chassis before the slipper clutch went in. The monoshock simply does not work as intended. It has SS/RR rear dampers with coil overs all round.



Nice Mark glad to see it back in your showroom again.
I bet it looks heaps different from stock now .
I agree you gotta get some pics of this machine going around your track that would look awesome.
Too many of these are not used and I know you drive all your cars/buggies.

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