Model: (Click to see more) 58374: Sand Viper
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Feb-2010
Comments: 1
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This is my son Jaedon's new Sand Viper which is the prize car I offered up for last years local 27 turn 4WD buggy championship. He won almost every race with his DF02 Rising Storm.

We built it tonight and it's been painted up in similars colours to his Rising Storm. It will remain a 27 turn motor to meet class requirements for the new season of racing on my track.

As you can imagine he's very excited to have a new buggy and can't wait to try out 2WD driving.

Sadly the box got a little bit crushed in the post, but all the contents are undamaged.

Thanks for looking. Congratulations Jaedon! And comments are always welcome.

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Nice kit mate .Dont you hate it when things arrive crushed cant get that lid off quick enough to see if anything else is damaged .
Jaedon should like this when it is finished congrats to him for winning this great prize

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