Model: (Click to see more) 58008: Lamborghini Countach LP500S (CS)
Status: New built
Date: 10-Feb-2010
Comments: 13
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This was a build I will remember for long.I bought the car allreday (perfect painted and decalled) from the well know Koenc and he really did a perfect job.I thought that 2 evenings would be enough to paint the pilot and all the little parts but like always my obscession to go to the edge about details brought me in some other reallity.I tested 3 colours for the rims and finally the TS 30 (silver leaf) did it.The helmet was painted with TS 35 park green and this colour is really deliciousy vintage.I try 2 colours for the interior (hull red and sand).The hull red looks more vintage but contrast from light sand and black was too beautifull so it won.Detailling a 1/12 pilot is really a challenge,It tooks about 5 hours to finisch this little job.The dash bord is 2 colours like the box art (first one on T.C.)To be honest builing this car is very exiting of course but is very stressfull.I never touched the body with my hands,only with my chirugical cloves.The contrast about the shapes with the porsche are great.Two different schools ,same result,beauty.

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You´ve done an excellent job on these cars, 4th picture is unbelievable !!!!!! Very nice couple of supercars !!!!!



Excellent! Well pointed out re the dashboard! I mounted mine and then realised I should have used some flat black! . Excellent job .

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Central I don't know my friend as I like almost every one of my cars the same but I have to admit you can have the half of the glory for this car.The advantage when you paint in proffesional cabin with 2 compounent real car is that the paint is very resitant.Every spot or micro scratch can easylie be removed with simonize.Even if I have my own 'little' paint cabine at home I never will get the same result.Thanks again Koen for this very rare opportunity to get a brand new countach complete with box and manual.The other 8 will follow soon ,cheers and enjoy the build of your new Rothmans.
P.S. do you know where I can find an ascona NIB.



Luuuvvley! Awesome pair!



im drooling over these beuties.superb jobs.well done



I'm storing the NIB Ascona safely on my shelf at home



Superb job! They're excellent looking mean super machines!



Fantastic pair of black pearls.



Wow black is the one of the hardest colours to get to look this good! the depth is totally superb! I thank you for your kind comment on my lambo but after seeing these two I think you are no doubt a master modeller beautiful pair of cars ,nice one

pcw 064


Thanks kougercat.I really appreciate this nice compliments from the Lambo countach specialist.Your orange one is still haunting my dreams.I want to do a orange LP 400 without spoiler and with vintage tires.I allready bought the shell.Cheers my friend.



My all time favorite! had posters of this car all over my room as a kid! its stunning mate and the finish is flawless love it!



Fantastic work on the lambo. I hope mine will be as nice. Well done pcw



very nice looks so real

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