Model: (Click to see more) 58370: Dark Impact
Status: New built
Date: 11-Feb-2010
Comments: 13
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Hi TC friends. Here’s one of a few models I’ve been working on when I’ve had some spare time whilst doing the new RC venture. Started off as a NIB Dark Impact but is more of a Light Impact now!, sporting different wheels from the Keen Hawk, 3Racing front and rear shock towers and a skid plate from me.

Running gear wise it was always going to be a basher so electronics are not top spec and comprise of an Etronix Probe 12 ESC, Trinity Horsepower motor I found in my pile of bits, though I don’t know how many turns it is, a digital metal geared servo which I bought 4off for £19.99 delivered which seem fine and a cheap and cheerful Eurgle 2.4ghz transmitter set-up. I bought this a while back and after having some initial problems with the model memory set-up a fellow TC’er (Tizer) sorted out the problem and all in all it is a bargain steer wheel package for bashing around with. It actually feels more sturdy than my Spektrum DX3 I use for club racing in the week, so at £25 for the transmitter and £6 a receiver for 2.4ghz is a real bargain, though the prices have gone up slightly now.

You will have mostly noticed by now the livery. As mentioned I have a few models on the go all sporting non-box art livery and a recent investment in a vinyl cutter has got me going sticker crazy! I opted for a Loctite theme after a long deliberation. I reversed the vinyl to stick on the inside creating this version as with me it wouldn’t be long until cracks and scuffs start to appear!. The OZ wheel vinyl was a complete pain to do as when separating the unwanted vinyl the letters kept disappearing, it certainly made me go cross-eyed for a while. I also did some mini Bilstein stickers to put on the shocks done with laser printer decal sheet and masked the side vents when spraying so I could place some small mesh behind. I then finished the car with a driver figure as I much prefer to see drivers than blacked windows and on buggies especially I like the look of them.

Thanks for looking, happy TC’ing and more parts will be available soon. A full chassis conversion maybe on the cards…..




That is sick. Love the livery and those shocks on there. Nice work and eye for detail.



wow,very nice



Wow, one of the best Dark Impacts out there!



Extremely nice livery, but you will look silly if some part falls off, lol!



AWESOME!!!!!! Simple as that!



Totally agree about the driver. One small detail that makes the difference between a spaceship on wheels and a cool looking buggy.



Very cool buggy, love the little details. I sold all of my buggies except my first Grasshopper but when I see cool machines like this it makes me want to have a few buggies again, great job!



Thanks for all the comments guys. It's great members like yourselves that make this site brill!



Hope it holds together for you mate! Looks great and the OZ decals look well worth the trouble

Fernado Alonso


Very nice nice seems to be very fast .
Hoped you used some loctite on the bolts and nuts(LOL).
You did a very good job building and painting this cool buggy.
Cheers Alex



this is one trick looking ride. I would love to have seen a shot with her hood up. Nice work.



That is really cool fella, nice work.



See this is where all these 'new buggies' get it so wrong. How are they supposed to drive without a driver in the cockpit eh, eh?

Well done that man for putting the man back in his seat

Joking aside, this by the way is why we all love the original Tamiya buggies. Authenticity whilst having fun and I say bah humbug to all those B44s and Cats and Dogs out there. No driver then it's no car

Great job Sideways.

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