Model: (Click to see more) 99991: Carson
Status: Project
Date: 23-Feb-2010
Comments: 3
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Well got this trailer for such a good price (from hobbystores of all places), guess would have been crazy not too :) Going to have a few mods like the tamiya auto legs and few other mods ;)
28/05/2010 Been working on this trailer now and below are some pics of the mods so far ;)

New side box doors Remachined rear bumper Adding detail to the front wall!! Roughing finished In flow All done!


Troy Heli King


Looks nice, how much are they going for?



Think it was just a one off looks like it had been in the shop for awhile and they wanted to get rid of it! So for £250 thought it was a fair price

SLIM 10-4


Bargain!! they normally retail at £499
its still very expensive though, although carson trailers are top notch

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