Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Project
Date: 5-Mar-2010
Comments: 5
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This is an RC10 that has been modified with more modern parts.

I can't take credit for thinking of this on my own as several of us at rc10talk have built similar cars. My plan was to use a base RC10 team car + dynotech arms + a truck noseplate + modern parts to create an old-school new-tech buggy. Also, I didn't want to do any cutting so everything is 'bolt-on'. Recently, I did make some changes to the suspension. I've replaced the Dynotech Klein arms with laser sintered polyamide parts from Niki J.

Quick overview:

- Niki J Quadra suspension arms (longer than stock RC10 arms.)

- Niki J Quadra rear mounts

- 10T noseplate, bulkhead and nosetubes

- RC10 spindles, knuckes, axles

- RPM rc10 GT rear axle carriers, gear cover cap and long shank ball ends

- B4 rear CVDs and slipper assembly w/ topshaft

- FibreLyte carbon fiber worlds front shocktower

- JConcepts rulux wheels

- ProLine tires

- Lunsford titanium turnbuckles

- Atlas carbon fiber rear shock tower and trans brace

- A&L bellcrank steering

The reason for the RPM gear cap is that the B4 topshaft is much longer than the one for the original stealth transmission. The cap is deep, which allows for proper clearance. All you need to do is cut the hole on the gearcover a little bigger to use the RPM cap. I had to drill and tap new holes in the nosetubes so they would fit the chassis. That's the only difficult part of the assembly. The hingepin holes need to be reemed to fit properly.


Fernado Alonso


Nice body !!

Minicooper 35


Hey Rich! Long time, no hear. This is one really nice tuber! Cheers from Germany, Sebastian



Hey Sebastian! Where have you been? I have another interesting one to load too. It's an Ultima. It should be up this weekend.



Your RC10 evo shows how nice and modern the old buggy bodies can still look with the right paintjob and wheels, and why all those brands should go back to their older, 'more scale' body designs. It's really, really nice!

Minicooper 35


Can't wait seeing it.

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