Model: (Click to see more) 58388: Mazda RX-7 DRIFT
Status: New built
Date: 9-Mar-2010
Comments: 13
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Hi TC friends. This has been an on/off build for at least 12 months, basically doing the build in between other builds, making parts, doing work, etc., etc… The basis was a standard TT-01 RX7 Drift Spec chassis which, after buying a lot of hop-ups for evaluation(which I daren’t total up for a TT01 build!), I ended up putting them on this chassis. They are….

Yeah Racing Front Upper Arm Set

Yeah Racing Front Lower Arm Set

Yeah Racing Rear Upper Arm Set

Yeah Racing Rear Lower Arm Set

Yeah Racing Front Knuckle Arms

Yeah Racing Rear Knuckle Arms

Yeah Racing Front & Rear Box Stiffiners

Yeah Racing Front & Rear Upper Suspension Mounts

Yeah Racing Dog Bone Set

Yeah Racing Propshaft

Yeah Racing Drive Shaft Set

Yeah Racing Propeller Joint Set

Yeah Racing 50mm Damper Set

3 Racing imitation Brake Discs

Ansmann Drift Wheel Set

Tamiya Aluminium Bumper Plate

Tamiya Bearing Steering Set

Tamiya Super Stock Motor RZ

Replica Touring Car Cockpit Set

Custom Decals

3 sets of Red LED lights

3 sets of White LED lights

Body Accessory set (Wing mirrors, Tail pipe, Wiper Blade)

….. and breathe……!!

The decals and body accessories I purchased from Ebay seller ‘Revolutionshop’ who gave a quick reliable service. They were an absolute pain to fit with many contours and overlaps but came out OK. I usually love the painting, detailing and stickering but this was a chore at times it felt, hence I kept putting down and leaving for a while. The replica cockpit set came from Ebay seller ‘Tamkyo’ who again offered a first class service and came extremely well packed, great value for money. I used hook & loop (Velcro) to fit the cockpit to the body then ran the LED set under this. The helmet design was another one of my concoctions taking a design and using inkjet decal paper to apply to the suface. All sealed in with a few coats of lacquer.

The battery strap was a one off I did for feasibility but sadly not to be cost effective to have individual ones run off as was the spoiler. In taking so long to develop stuff there are plenty of aluminium spoilers out now. I may keep swapping and changing the running gear hence I haven’t soldered any of it together though I have changed to my usual ‘Deans’ connectors of choice.

There have been a few gripes I had with the Yeah Racing Hop-ups. The drive shaft cups lasted approximately 5 mins before bending, OK the road wasn’t silky smooth but it appears they are made of something slightly more robust than Chocolate! Those of you eagle-eyed enough may have spotted these on the racking in the back.... They are shelved, the standard Tamiya ones are much better in my opinion! The propshaft literally twisted itself apart, even with a moderately mild 23T motor. And lastly, and most annoyingly the front left lower arm set keeps popping out from the knuckles. The plastic olive/bearing it comes with just isn’t up to the job and simply pops off with anything more higher than paper under it’s wheels! A large washer underneath solved this but nonetheless after searching for 15 minutes for a wayward dogbone.

As always thanks for looking, happy TC’ing and more parts will be available soon …..

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Garage now open....


SRB Bloke


Oh my God, how many ups can one car have...????? looks amazing... I'm loving the battery strap, you lucky man...



That looks great!



what's with the Nismo and Coppermix decals on a Mazda? Looks good, just not really my taste with the chrome wheels and huge airplane wing



That garage is the ultimate RC photo spot! AMAZING work. Just had to pull the wife over to show her how cool this is! She liked the micro scorchy on the benchtop. AMAZING!!!!



Nice garage! great work



Thanks for the comments. @ Skottoman.... Matchbox Beetle from Tesco's £1.09 got them at the moment.@ SRB Bloke..... I'm sure theres more out there LOL @ Tizer.... each to their own brother



Garage is awsome though!!!!



Really, really COOL!



Yeah Baby !!!!!



Bling tastic - Love the garage



Thats a mazda, it should have re amemiya not nismo!



@ Double B - I Know, not the first to say this. The decals caught my eye from this [Click here] and I had a spare RX7 shell so I though rock and roll, it's all good.



That garage of yours is just rediculous cool. 2nd pic is amazing. If there is ever a 'garage' contest, no way I'm entering, because it's impossible to beat what you've built here! Love your showroom shots because of this!

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