Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Mar-2010
Comments: 8
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Got it paid off and picked it up a little early. An easy build, with some hop ups that come with the kit version. Has the ESP 27.2cc big bore kit motor in and I'm using the Spektrum 2.4Ghz radio gear with the standard steering servo, to which i've added the metal gear servo upgrade, and a Futaba metal geared throttle servo. Has an orange MSD ignition lead and Golden Horizons orange aluminum lower front & rear arms to help with the jumps. A blast to drive, and it corners well, considering all the power that it has. By far the cheapest of the big trucks that I have to run. Picked up a Proline VW shell and painted it using paint masks made up at my local store. I'm well pleased with how it turned out! Now running on Proline Split Six wheels and Trencher tires. A few more additions may appear over the winter months, keep watching for updates!

A Big Bad Boy!! Love this thing!




Cool machines!

SRB Bloke


Is it like a rocket..? how do they handle. When I see them in the shop it always looks like a load of fun...



Sounds like you is gunna have fun with this one!! Very nice!



The HPi Baja 5b is definately a top buggy,enjoy



Baja's are a blast! I have even heard of some people converting them to brushless.



It is quite fast as standard, with the 16t pinion and 56 (I think!) spur gear, but I'll probably get the 18/59 gear set later. It's a great thing to drive, got the sway bars on, so it corners real well too.



Love the Baja Beetle look. You are right, these are great vehicles! What extras did you need to buy to convert the 5B to a 5T to fit the beetle body on? Could you email me a list please?

Road Burner


Nice 5B, looks real good with the JD Beetle shell!

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