Model: (Click to see more) 58072: Avante
Status: Recent find
Date: 25-Mar-2010
Comments: 4
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One of the my avante runner purchase, it was a long chat that one of my local collector gave into my offer for the avante runner, No broken parts, with lots of spares!! ;-) thankyou ... but this is not the only avante runner, i will be expecting more to come... it's in pretty good shape despite the body cover... and tyres... missing a techin-gold.. but no worries.. i will put in tamiya's motor replace since this is going to be a runner!

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Fernado Alonso


Looks great!
Cheers Alex



It's much better than the one I found. Nice catch!



u sure u gonna run this? we're all waiting for u...



gotta find a new body shell for this miss..

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