Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Mar-2010
Comments: 4
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This is a bit of an odd car. I've only seen 1 before, and can't find much info on google. I did found one shop here in Holland that is still selling these cars and also has all the parts. It shares some parts with the HPI Sprint, and is available in 2 configurations. One like mine, and one with the motor in the middle (like the TA05). Mine came with a few options already mounted like a spool in the rear and a oneway diff in the front. This makes it an ideal drift car. I got it crazy cheap and it also had an unpainted Celica ST205 WRC body with it. Too bad it didn't had the bodyparts and decals.. It is in very good shape. Looks like it has been run 1 or 2 times and has been collecting dust on the shelf ever since.

ugly wheels, but the ones it came with were worse same center as the Sprint strange anti-roll setup


Fernado Alonso


It looks fast to me.
Nice buy.
Cheers Alex



These don't turn up every day. I have the 'plastic fantastic' version of this car: [Click here] Do you know if the shop you mentioned sell spare parts online?



It's begging for a brushless setup to go in it! Then watch it go!



This one will stay on the shelf I have too much other chassis to run. @splended: You have the mid-motor version that I was hoping mine was too. The weight displacement is better for drifting like that. The shop that had these Neo's is called FMP Racing

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