Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: NIB
Date: 30-Mar-2010
Comments: 2
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YIPIEE EI EH. Now I have both. The one with the Beanie Bag and now the Japanese edition with the T-shirt. God bless a German guy sold me one. Not real cheap, but worth the money. I wanted to own one. Now I do. That is perfect. I am so happy. Now I just need one without anything, HAHAHAHAHAHA I am sure I wont NEVER build one of these two Kits. But not just because of a lack of time, just because I want to keep them sealed.

like all others I love that sight Maybe you can find the little difference ??? HAHA -Some sweeties in a bowl ?




If you want to build one...than I guess you will be needing that 'one' without anything.



Nice couple ! You´re the Scorcher-Man !!!

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