Model: (Click to see more) 58321: Super Clod Buster Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 9-Apr-2010
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I used to have an original Bullhead which I got for xmas '91, but I sold it :( Now I'm having second thoughts, so I got a Super Clod chassis and blue plastic, but i'm using the chrome arms from the Bullhead, as well as the Bullhead body. Well it's complete now, managed to find 2 new shells (1 of which was a complete NIB body set!) along with a couple of windscreens. It's running a EVX-2 from an E-Revo with 2x 19D Orion motors. ESC is mounted at the front along with the receiver, smoothed out the radio tray to use another battery on top. Running stock wheels and tires. Also got it hooked up on the Spektrum tranny.

Super Clod Head Kinda tidy!!

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so looking to get an evx for mine.

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